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Too often great innovators get frustrated and quit because of:

  • Steep learning curve to build a prototype to test the main ideas
  • Technical details can be overwhelming and getting support can be almost impossible from Chip Manufacturers on a retail level.
  • The current prototype cannot be scaled or manufactured and needs a redesign

  • No Scope of works or development plan
  • Constant delays, no real progress
  • The prototype is not working after major efforts

But it doesn’t have to be that way!


at lava labs we work on our client’s products and services like they’re our own!

Togeather with LAVA LABS our clients have sussesfully designed, developed and launched hundreds of products into more than 20 countries and counting. Countries like, United States(of cource), Canada, United Kingdon, France, Luximburge, Germany and more.

Over the past ten years we have seen a lot and have overcome thousands of technical challenges to create working prototypes for our customers.  We don’t give up and you can count on us to get a prototype built. Do you have an army of developers fighting relentlessly to get the prototype to work for you? 

LAVA LAB’S clients

What our clients are saying on Google Maps

My experience with Lava Labs and Stas has been phenomenal. I came to him with a crude pro-type and an idea of what I wanted and Stas and his team worked with me to design, build and deliver a PCB that was exactly what I was looking for. Already coming up with my next design and will be working with Lava Labs on that one too!

Sam Williams

Founder, River City Escape Room

We’ve been working with Lava Labs for the past couple years through several projects and the service has been great. Very casual, flexible and accommodating. They clearly have the knowledge and experience. Would highly recommend for any electronics project.

Adam Harding

Founder & CEO, Boredbrain Music

LavaLab has been outstanding to work with! Beyond being highly knowledgeable, accessible, and adaptable. They don’t just take design requirements and churn out a product–they take the time to understand our motivations for a project and balance that with the variables that influence the end product’s viability. As a result, working with LavaLab has been a rewarding collaborative experience.

Mike Curtis, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, JamBebe

Stas, Arthur and his team are very talented. When we first spoke you could hear the excitement about the product development process. Unfortunately, this process was done during the beginning of COVID-19 so all communication had to be done virtually but even with that, I am extremely pleased with the work the team has done.

Rojay Chase

Founder & CEO, ZoTao Smart Headgear

Research and Development with LAVA LABS


Discovery Phase

Schedule a 30 minute discovery meeting. We want to know everything about the future product.




Product development is all about building prototypes, testing and refining until it is ready for manufacturing.



Production Support

After the prototype has been built and tested our team of manufacturing experts will help you with everything needed to get setup for starting and scaling production.



92% of all prototypes delivered by LAVA LABS are on time or ahead of schedule. That means less headaches, faster getting to the market and more celebrating.

Innovation services at lava labs

Circuit Design

ELectrical Engineering

  • Circuit Design and Testing
  • Electronics Prototypes 
  • Firmware and Drivers Development
  • Components Selection and Testing
  • Bill of Materials Research 
  • Schematic Design
  • Circuit Layout
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Circuit Assembly
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Power Electronics Design

    • Low and High-Voltage Systems
    • Inverters/Converters
    • Advanced Motor Controllers
    • Renewables & EV Systems
    • Capacity Simulation/Evaluation
    • Charge Management
    • Wireless Qi Charging
    • Li-Poly | LFP | LTO | NiMH | NiCd

          Industrial Remote Sensor Monitoring

          Web app and data acquisition for:

          • Chemical and Gas Monitoring
          • Liquid Level and Flow Sensors
          • Accelerometers and Gyroscope
          • Temperature and Humidity
          • Light | Vision | LiDAR | Time of Flight Sensors
          • Ultrasonic Sound Sensors
          • Magnetic and Hall Effect

          Audio Circuit Design

          • Digital Signal Processing
          • Microphone Arrays
          • Analog and Digital Signals
          • Bluetooth and WIFI Audio
          • Audio Filtering
          • Voice Control
          IoT Security Device

          IoT Hardware Design 

          • WiFi and Bluetooth
          • Verizon ODN and ThingSpace
          • Data Acquisition Systems
          • Processors and Microcontrollers
          • LED and Screen Integration
          • Embedded Firmware
          • Alexa Skills and Voice Control

          Software Development

          • Web Apps for Realtime Data 
          • Hardware Control via Apps
          • SaaS Software Development
          • Firmware and Drivers
          • Point of Contact for IoT
          • AWS | Lambda | IoT Core
          • Mobile iOS and Android

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