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Too many times we hear from people about their stories developing a new product and how they got stuck on electronics, or they hired the wrong freelancer who didn’t care or know enough, or they went with the wrong System on a Chip (SoC). Unfortunately, some people if they don’t find the right team to develop, the prototype if any goes on the shelve and the product never makes it to the market, never delights the customers, never brings new source of revenue. Meanwhile, others are launching and selling very similar new products and services signing up new customers.

It doesn’t have be that way. LAVA LABS has that dedicated team that thoroughly understands the main goals of the project and works effectively together to develop physical products faster.  

Request a 30 minute meeting, put it on your schedule with our experts and we will do our best to bring valuable information on how you can develop and manufacture your new product.


 Basic Capabilities

Circuit Design

ectrical Engineering

  • Circuit Architecture Design
  • Robust Electronics Prototyping
  • Firmware and Drivers Development
  • Components Selection and Testing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Schematic Design
  • Circuit Layout
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Circuit Assembly
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Power Electronics Design

    • Low and High-Voltage Systems
    • Inverters/Converters
    • Advanced Motor Controllers
    • Renewables & EV Systems
    • Capacity Simulation/Evaluation
    • Charge Management
    • Wireless Qi Charging
    • Li-Poly | LFP | LTO | NiMH | NiCd

          Industrial Remote Monitring

          Web app and data aquasisiton for:

          • Chemical and Gas monitoring
          • Liquid Level and Flow Sensors
          • Accelerometers and Gyroscope
          • Temperature and Humidity
          • Light | Vision | LiDAR | ToF
          • Ultrasonic Sound Sensors
          • Magnetic and Hall Effect

          Audio Circuit Design

          • Digital Signal Processing
          • Microphone Arrays
          • Analog and Digital Signals
          • Bluetooth and WIFI Audio
          • Audio Filtering
          • Voice Control
          IoT Security Device

          IoT Hardware Design 

          • WIFI and Bluetooth
          • Verizon ODN and ThingSpace
          • Data Acquisition System
          • Processors and Microcontrollers
          • LED and Screen Integration
          • Embedded Firmware
          • Alexa Skills and Voice Control

          Software Development

          • Web App for Realtime Data 
          • Hardware Control via App
          • SaaS software development
          • Firmware and Drivers
          • Point of Contact for IoT
          • AWS | Lambda | IoT Core
          • Mobile iOS and Android

          About us

          About Us

          Full Service research, Design and

          Development firm

          LAVA LABS provide comprehensive solutions for people seeking to create a new product for mass production or a one-of-a-kind prototype.  We are believers of strong ideas and supporters of the people who are on a mission to create and see them through. We are here to help.

          We are an end-to-end product development shop with core competency in Electrical Engineering, hardware design, fabrication and software development.

          We work to develop and deliver to our clients. With us, you get skilled resources and strategic partnership of a full-service product development and fabrication shop with laser-focused attention to detail, agility, and responsiveness that you would expect from an internal team. 



          We Work With The Best All Around the World

          Stas, Arthur and his team are very talented. When we first spoke you could hear the excitement about the product development process. Unfortunately, this process was done during the beginning of COVID-19 so all communication had to be done virtually but even with that, I am extremely pleased with the work the team has done.

          Rojay Chase

          Founder & CEO, ZoTao Smart Headgear

          We’ve been working with Lava Labs for the past couple years through several projects and the service has been great. Very casual, flexible and accommodating. They clearly have the knowledge and experience. Would highly recommend for any electronics project.

          Adam Harding

          Founder & CEO, Boredbrain Music

          LavaLab has been outstanding to work with! Beyond being highly knowledgeable, accessible, and adaptable. They don’t just take design requirements and churn out a product–they take the time to understand our motivations for a project and balance that with the variables that influence the end product’s viability. As a result, working with LavaLab has been a rewarding collaborative experience.

          Mike Curtis, Ph.D.

          Founder & CEO, JamBebe

          My experience with Lava Labs and Stas has been phenomenal. I came to him with a crude pro-type and an idea of what I wanted and Stas and his team worked with me to design, build and deliver a PCB that was exactly what I was looking for. Already coming up with my next design and will be working with Lava Labs on that one too!

          Sam Williams

          Founder, River City Escape Room

          from ceo

           words from our ceo

          Stas Todromovich Founder & CEO

          Stas Todromovich, Founder & CEO

          About Our clients

          At LAVA LABS we are fully committed to our clients. From prototype to manufacturing we care about your goals and every technical detail no matter how small. Good engineering is like a symphony where every note counts. We take pride in doing a great job on every project.  We want to see you succeed and often go above and beyond the project scope.

          Not only do our clients have access to our top-tier designers and engineers but also to each other. We often connect our clients to one-another and hold community gatherings. Mostly virtual these days. Our clients are a growing community of entrepreneurs, innovators and product developers who bounce ideas and recommendations of each-other. In the past our clients have helped one-another with things like copy writing, web design, marketing ideas, legal resources, product packaging or simply to talk to someone who has gone through this before, a pair of fresh eyes to look things over and bounce ideas. 

          Our goal is to make it easier to innovate based on market needs and ideas that solve relevant problems.  To do that we strongly believe anything can be accomplished, everything is possible with the right mindset, team and support system. 

          In our first meeting, we do ask a lot of questions yet spend most of the time listening. It is very important to us to understand the main objectives and major goals. Our conversation is always kept private and most of time bound by a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). In this (virtual) meeting we will talk about the general functionality, the user experience, what it might look like, the timeline and what has been done already. Once we we thoroughly understand the goals from this meeting we come up with a proposed plan of action with milestones, timeline and budget.  

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