Get a product development team and fabrication shop on demand.

– We’ll take care of the design, engineering, prototyping and production so you can focus on driving your business forward.

– Lava Labs is a full-service product development and fabrication company, with an internal team’s agility and responsiveness, but without the overhead cost.

– You get the benefit of our team’s expertise and connections to get you access to skilled resources, strategic partnerships, and more.

Trusted by our clients to develop their products for over 11 years and counting.

What our clients are saying…

From start to launch; here are the product development steps.


Discovery Phase

Schedule a 30 minute discovery meeting. We want to know everything about the future product.




Product development is all about having a dedicated team building your prototype, testing and refining until it is ready for manufacturing.



Product launch and support

After the prototype has been designed built and tested our team of manufacturing experts will help you with everything needed to launch and support your new product.

Popular services at lava labs

Circuit Design

Electrical Engineering

  • Circuit Design and Testing
  • Electronics Prototypes
  • Firmware and Drivers Development
  • Components Selection and Testing
  • Bill of Materials Research
  • Schematic Design
  • Circuit Layout
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Circuit Assembly
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Power Electronics Design

    • Low and High-Voltage Systems
    • Inverters/Converters
    • Advanced Motor Controllers
    • Renewables & EV Systems
    • Capacity Simulation/Evaluation
    • Charge Management
    • Wireless Qi Charging
    • Li-Poly | LFP | LTO | NiMH | NiCd

          Industrial Remote Sensor Monitoring

          Web app and hardware circuit development for:

          • Chemical and Gas Monitoring
          • Liquid Level and Flow Sensors
          • Accelerometers and Gyroscope
          • Temperature and Humidity
          • Light | Vision | LiDAR | Time of Flight Sensors
          • Ultrasonic Sound Sensors
          • Magnetic and Hall Effect

          Audio Circuit Design

          • Digital Signal Processing
          • Microphone Arrays
          • Analog and Digital Signals
          • Bluetooth and WIFI Audio
          • Audio Filtering
          • Voice Control
          IoT Security Device

          IoT Hardware Design 

          • WiFi and Bluetooth
          • Verizon ODN and ThingSpace
          • Data Acquisition Systems
          • Processors and Microcontrollers
          • LED and Screen Integration
          • Embedded Firmware
          • Alexa Skills and Voice Control

          Software Development

          • Web Apps for Realtime Data 
          • Hardware Control via Apps
          • SaaS Software Development
          • Firmware and Drivers
          • Point of Contact for IoT
          • AWS | Lambda | IoT Core
          • Mobile iOS and Android