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IoT Product Development

Custom IoT electronic design services


LAVA LABS offers custom IoT electronic PCB design services to help tailor the functionality to your exact needs. Our IoT solutions integrate with WiFi, Bluetooth and most cellular carriers including Verizon® for LTE and 5G connectivity. We offer cutting edge Internet of Things(IoT) technologies  for custom applications using enbeded systems  connected to AWS IoT CORE cloud services enabling control through phone and web applications. Our electronics and cloud solutions give your customers a new level of connectivity, control and security.

IoT product Development Services at LAVA LABS

IoT development services for your application area

IoT in Agriculture and Smart Farming

IoT applications for smart farming and agriculture are used for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions for soil, air, temperature, humidity, liquids and gases. We design with custom sensors  to monitor things that matter most to you.  We collaborate with you on the exact needs of the Internet of Things technology.

IoT in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a wide range of IoT applications that are becoming very much in demand. Telehealth device development is the new frontier that is going to enable healthcare professionals to provide better remote care. With our deep knowledge of electronics and PCB development of IoT devices we are strategically positioned to develop rapidly and bring to market custom healthcare IoT devices.

IoT in Sports

IoT applications in sports include athlete development through realtime sensing and feedback, playback and data visualization. Data from our sensors suite can be collected via Bluetooth or WiFi and sent to a phone application. The data can be viewed multiple ways depending on the sport, athlete and coaches needs. LAVA LABS has extensive experience developing IoT devices for sports utilizing accelerometers, gyroscopes, LiDAR vision and other sensing technologies.

IoT in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

IoT solutions improve efficiency and increase visibility across the entire supply chain. LAVA LABS develops asset tracking and monitoring, fleet management, inventory management, and route optimization.  We design and intergate custom sensors and equipment for your specific needs that are securely connected via wireless WiFi mesh network and Verizon® LTE cellular towers.

IoT for Consumers

More and more everyday people become accustomed to controlling things with their phone and we are here to help. Consumer Internet of Things devices can help everyday people be productive, feel safer and be more in control. LAVA LABS has extensive experience developing embedded circuits that give smarts to everyday devices. We paired our suite of sensors and WiFi connectivity capabilities to make viewing data and controlling things via iPhone and/or Android applications intuitive and useful. 

Iot development process


First we listen, ask questions and understand all the requirements and specifications for the IoT device. We will ask about the main goals you are trying to achieve. Will the devise need Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular connectivity? Will the device need to connect to a web, iPhone and/or Android app?



Step two at LAVA LABS is all about turning your specifications for the IoT device to creating the hardware and software development plan. One the plan is created and approved we get to work on creating a functional prototype. This prototype will have most if not all the functionality needed for field testing and feedback.


Step tree is an iterative process. We take all the data and feedback that is gathered from the field testing and implement any changes and fine tune the design of the software and hardware as needed.  Next more laboratory and field-testing will be done. Once everything is working as it should we transition from small scale to the mass manufacturing phase. 

Complete iot solutions

IoT Design Services from PCB to product

WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular Connectivity


Remote data acquisition systems


Environmental sensor and controls


LED, LCD,OLED and AMOLED display integration


Rechargeable lithium ion battery integration


IoT Cloud + Application Development




Security. Anytime. Anywhere.

Organizations are increasingly seeking a seamless, reliable Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity solution for protecting data and endpoints. This has become more critical than ever due to the explosion of IoT adoption. With complete endpoint protection capabilities, including the ability to establish trusted relationships, deliver enhanced security from scalable software attacks and common hardware attacks, the D-RISK Mobile® Data Protector delivers the next generation of cyber protection.

The rapid evolution of mobile devices and IoT is exciting, but securing them has become a significant challenge for consumers and organizations in every sector. As connected devices proliferate, the attack vector grows larger and possibly less detectable. Cervais® is transforming endpoint protection by being the first and only organization to architect an Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) system – all delivered via a small and compact mobile solution.

Case Study

D-Risk Mobile®

LAVA LABS are helping Cervais, Inc  develop hardware based data and privicy security hub with a Verizon® hotspot for current and future IoT devices.


Cervais, Inc



We build Cloud Based IoT SOlutions

Our software team at LAVA LABS has deep knowledge of the IoT cloud architecture, especially with Amazon’s AWS IoT CORE platform.  With AWS IoT CORE we design web and phone applications that communicate quickly and securely with IoT devices to display realtime data and controls.

We bridge the gap and work closely with wireless cariers such as Verizon® to connect the IoT devices to the network. LAVA LABS has all the tools and resources to help you get on to the network . We work with you on getting certified via Verizon’s® Open Developer Network(ODN). At the same time we utilize Verizon’s® ThingSpace® platform to develop prototypes to test and get feedback on functionality. 

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