IoT electronics Development


LAVA LABS offers custom Internet of Things (IoT) electronic PCB design services to help tailor the functionality to your exact needs. Our IoT solutions integrate with WiFi, Bluetooth, and most cellular carriers including Verizon® for LTE and 5G connectivity. We offer cutting-edge technologies for custom applications using embedded systems connected to AWS IoT CORE cloud services, enabling control through phone and web applications. Our electronics and cloud solutions give your customers a new level of connectivity, control, and security.

IoT product Development Services at LAVA LABS

application areas for iot development

IoT in Sports

IoT applications in sports include athlete development through realtime sensing and feedback, playback, and data visualization. Data from our sensors suite can be collected via Bluetooth or WiFi and sent to a phone application. The data can be viewed multiple ways depending on the sport’s, athlete’s, or coach’s needs. LAVA LABS has extensive experience developing IoT devices for sports utilizing accelerometers, gyroscopes, LiDAR vision, and other sensing technologies.

IoT in Agriculture and Smart Farming

IoT devices from LAVA LABS provide the right data at the right time. From controlling environmental conditions for soil, air, temperature, to humidity, liquids, and gases monitoring with all the crussial data avalable in the cloude protal to save time and money. We collaborate with you on the exact needs of the Internet of Things(IoT) technology  to have to build a lean system that brings .

IoT in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a wide range of IoT applications that are becoming very much in demand. Telehealth device development is the new frontier that is going to enable healthcare professionals to provide better remote care. With our deep knowledge of electronics and PCB development of IoT devices, we are strategically positioned to develop rapidly and bring to market custom healthcare IoT devices.

IoT in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

IoT solutions improve efficiency and increase visibility across the entire supply chain. LAVA LABS develops asset tracking and monitoring, fleet management, inventory management, and route optimization. We design and intergate custom sensors and equipment for your specific needs that are securely connected via wireless WiFi mesh network and Verizon® LTE cellular towers.

IoT for Consumers

More and more everyday people become accustomed to controlling things with their phone and we are here to help. Consumer Internet of Things devices can help everyday people be productive, feel safer and be more in control. LAVA LABS has extensive experience developing embedded circuits that give smarts to everyday devices. We paired our suite of sensors and WiFi connectivity capabilities to make viewing data and controlling things via iPhone and/or Android applications intuitive and useful. 

The process from start to launch; here are the product development steps.


Discovery Phase

Schedule a discovery call to get a plan of action in place.




Product development is all about having a dedicated team building your prototype, testing and refining until it is ready for manufacturing.



Product launch and support

After the prototype has been designed built and tested our team of manufacturing experts will help you with everything needed to launch and support your new product.

Complete iot solutions

IoT Design Services from PCB to product

WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Connectivity


Remote data acquisition systems


Environmental sensor and controls


LED, LCD, OLED, and AMOLED display integration


Rechargeable lithium ion battery integration


IoT Cloud + Application Development

LAVA LABS team has deep knowledge of the IoT cloud architecture, especially with Amazon’s AWS® IoT CORE platform.  With AWS® IoT CORE we design web and phone applications that communicate quickly and securely with IoT devices to display real-time data and controls.

We bridge the gap and work closely with wireless carriers such as Verizon®, T-Mobile® and AT&T® to connect the IoT devices to the network. LAVA LABS has all the tools and resources to help you get on to the network. We work with you on getting certified via Verizon’s® Open Developer Network (ODN). At the same time, we utilize Verizon’s® ThingSpace® platform to develop prototypes to test and get feedback on functionality.

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