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– Lava Labs is a dedicated product development company, with an internal team’s agility and responsiveness, but without the overhead cost.

– With your vision and our skills, we build new products and bring useful innovation to life.

– You get the benefit of our team’s expertise and knowhow to get your product on the market faster and cheaper.

Photo caption: This is the very moment it all got started about 20 years ago at 3 o’clock in the morning, burning the midnight oil to get the prototype to work just in time for the design competition.

Since then, our team’s goal was always to deliver for our clients. Every day we strive to provide the skilled resources and strategic partnership to each one of our clients of a full-service product development and fabrication shop with laser-focused attention to detail, agility, and responsiveness that you would expect from an internal team.

We are happy to provide comprehensive product development solutions for people seeking to create a new product for mass production or a one-of-a-kind prototype.  We are believers of strong ideas and supporters of the people who are on a mission to create and see them through. We are here to help.

Stas Todromovich Founder & CEO

Stas Todromovich, Founder & CEO

At LAVA LABS we are fully committed to our clients. From initial concept and prototype to production we care about your goals and are here to guide you through the development journey every step of the way.  

We want to see you succeed that’s why we offer practical solutions, resources and clear plan of action.

Our goal is to advise our you on the best possible solutions for your product whether you wanna make one of a kind prototype or go into production.

From start to launch; here are the product development steps.


Discovery Phase

Schedule a discovery call to get a plan of action in place.




Product development is all about having a dedicated team building your prototype, testing and refining until it is ready for manufacturing.



Product launch and support

After the prototype has been designed built and tested our team of manufacturing experts will help you with everything needed to launch and support your new product.

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