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Melody G – Wireless Microphone system by Acoustas

Project Info:

The Melody-G microphone platform (models G,GX1, GCF SOLO) are all wireless microphones by Acoustas Co. The wireless system features a lossless wireless transition standard that can go as far as 300 feet depending on the environment with the highest definition audio possible. It comes in American Maple Ambrosia, Walnut and Bubinga woods along with laser cut acrylic. The receiver is USB based that is powered so you can record directly to a Mac or computer and has XLRs or 1/4inch connectors.

Link to product: Acoustas


Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Product Research
  • Wireless circuit design
  • Embedded wireless antenna design
  • Custom lossless and wireless audio protocol
  • Analog and digital 7 layer PCB design and simulation
  • Hardware prototyping and testing
  • Final PCB assembly and manufacturing
  • Laser cutting and engraving the enclosure
  • Final assembly of the product

From start to launch; here are the product development steps.


Discovery Phase

Schedule a 30 minute discovery meeting. We want to know everything about the future product.




Product development is all about having a dedicated team building your prototype, testing and refining until it is ready for manufacturing.



Product launch and support

After the prototype has been designed built and tested our team of manufacturing experts will help you with everything needed to launch and support your new product.